Sat Chit Ananda ofLove



 In the past few days I have had guidance in deep contemplation….a place I sit in much….the guidance is to put myself out there ….to express the state of being I have been so gifted to receive.
In today’s world there is much talk of people using substance to awaken Higher consciousness. Just recently the use of “Ayahuasca”has become trendy ….the substance being a so called medicinal brew used by indigenous communities to bring people to a Higher Consciousness and to assist one in clearing the past. Many describe the experience as life transforming….but the process can be grueling. I often have seen people in my perceptual reality choosing the difficult path rather than the simple. With all this said. The “no pain ….no gain” motto has always been a turn off for me. My life has been quite a miraculous sojourn because I was always about keeping it simple. Always following an inner voice which led me to becoming a teacher of profound knowledge helping people to regain their own power through Self inquiry.
I have been given many testimonials that my counseling has helped personal transformation instantaneously ….one session with me saves people years of therapy. Drugs and modalities need not be used to awaken The God “I AM”….that is who we all are. I teach lucidity….awakening the watcher within….living awake.
Please If what I share resonates with you. Write me so we can awaken in you that which is sleeping so that you can live a life where joy is a natural state for you.

I AM Sat Chit Ananda ofLove
Transformational Teacher
Serving Higher Wisdom.