You truly are a gift! We always seem to cross paths and share 
inspirations and thoughts at exactly the right time. You are a blessing to share 
time, laughs, thoughts, and inspirations with.  I feel so fortunate to have you 
always tell me exactly what it is that I need to be telling myself.


Last sundays webcast will forever be held in my heart as the most beautiful thing I have ever taken part of. It was like the perfect mix of ladies that all had something to share.
Ananda helped me threw the anger that had always seem to be deep rooted in me, I am now free of that and when I seem to find myself headed in that draction I stop and pause and remember that lovly angels voice in my ear ” all is well” and I change my auttide right on the spot ~ I cant thank Ananda enough for being a part of my life!
~Love always&forever
Jennie ❤

I love how Ananda of Love shares in such an informal, honoring, free flowing way, acknowledging how we are all one with each other and everything, so anything we are choosing to heal individually, we are also healing for her and for the world.  This personal acceptance and sharing makes this healing/reclaiming of truth experience so much more universal, shame free and empowering.  Her insight, warmth, vulnerability,validation and understanding allowed me to go more deeply into long held beliefs and patterns that have blocked my joy and expression of the true Goddess that I AM.  I feel blessed, renewed and freed by this sharing!!

Love and blessings,

~ Katelon

Just sat with Ananda " dis-asembling " beliefs. Ananda illuminates the dark nooks and crannies of the mind/heart. Gratitude to you Ananda. Namaste.


 WOW! the ‘dis-assembling of disease’ teleconference through Skype has just ended. This testimony is to endorse the value of the time i shared with Ananda, Monica, Jennike & David who were able to participate for as long as they wished to. I am amazed at the energy Ananda offers & her ability to receive. My message was clearly to open up more and so be receptive & through Ananda’s efficiious energy, that surely happened. I did not feel fear of judgement & it was only through the teleconference this evening, that i became ‘open’ & aware of such a thought even exisiting!!!Thankyou. I feel a shift of awareness & a readyness to receive . . . love in all its forms & the love for myself not to discriminate.




 Re: "My Innocent Love" I have read this now a dozen times. Oh my gosh it is so beautiful. And again the tears stream. I love you Ananda my very precious soul I am finally without words LOVE ALWAYS ~Imelda

 Re: "My Innocent Love" "beloved ananda i love you."

~ Jivan

 Re: “My Innocent Love” “How beautiful and touchings words, really is the best thing that I listened about love. Blessings have a wonderful day. NAMASTE”

 ~ Carmen

“Ananda, I love you so deeply, and I feel privilged to have been asked to contribute to the task which in a sense has been my calling for ever. The love I feel just keeps growing and surpasses all my hopes and aspirations. Bless the very core of your being. If I could be officer of being true to oneself. I would love you even more ….and I know that is possible. Love light joy and celebration

~ Bill xxx”

 Re: As I Lay in Love's Arms Hello Lovely Ananda " When you lay in loves arms" truly describes the bliss of true love in all its effects to the soul. You are truly a loving and gentle spirit and oh so wise for the sharing of love to so many. LOVE ALWAYS

~ Imelda

 To accompany the CD THE ATTUNEMENT PROJECT is the wonderful booklet THE TAO OF THE SECRET, a great very inspiring written version of the CD you can read in half an hour, it has all the words in large writing as spoken on the CD and is great to have near your meditation space and reach for and to read daily for reinforcement, inspiration to really imprint these messages of wisdom of how we can bring forth any desire we have into our world

James ~

I will be thinking of you and the wonderful work that you are doing to heal the heart of man. ~*LOVE ALWAYS*


 “I think you. You are doing amazing work and I applaud the great things you are doing on the planet.”


 “Your intensity of devotion to your spiritual path has always been so inspiring. I see and hear your sense of joy and delight in life and I love it.”


 “I wish you guys the very best. You’re doing this world this universe a great service, I assure you, you and John will impact this world. Eternity can never express in words how grateful, how thankful, and all the love it has for you two.”


 “Thank you for your energy, your compassion, and most of all, thank you for your love.”


 “A while ago we had a one on one on the Law of Attraction. I bought my first investment property that same week we talked. That day you inspired me. I remember you told me that I was “holding back”. Since then I have started my own property management company which has been going awesome.”


 “I need to surround myself with people who know the truth and are strong and steadfast and that is what helps my own mind to focus on thoughts that are true (or rather to let God in). I need to constantly be reminded to turn to God and to lean not on my own understanding. Thanks for being one of those people! Much Love.”


 “A Gastroenterologist and a surgeon were 99.9% sure that my husband had cancer. Well, I received your CD – “Attunement to Wealth, Health and Happiness” and followed what I heard on it…combined with what I read in “A Course in Miracles.””I started picturing my husband and I getting old together and I haven’t let go of that image. Now two pathologists disagree with what the other doctors said. The Law of Attraction really works!”


 “This latest Podcast ‘The Secret Revealed’ is REALLY profound and hits home!”

-Michelle and Dean

 “What you say is truth and your words bring me back to truth and being powerful instead of being a victim. I really appreciate you and what you contribute.”


 “What you say is absolutely incredible! What I love most about your response is my own ability to GET IT! Yes, it fills in all the missing pieces for me. You are truly enlightened!”


 “I really love your CD – “Attunement to Wealth, Health and Happiness.” I’ve been listening to it every night for the last 76 days. It’s the first CD that I have listened to for such a long period of time without missing one day.”


 “Your ‘Attunement to Wealth, Health and happiness’ – CD is an incredibly brilliant, beautiful and inspiring transformational tool. It’s so soothing and relaxing. Its truly is the most simple and concise teaching of vibrational manifestation I have ever heard.”


 “I found your Podcasts of A Course in Miracles through Odeo and have been downloading the text. They provide a wonderful way to review the Course. I have been listening to each one twice before moving to the next one and I feel that I’m really gaining a lot from listening, rather than reading. Bless you.”


 “You are an inspiration.”


 “Your Podcasts of A Course in Miracles have really made my day. I listen to these wonderful words just before my day starts. Thanks for your service and great insight.”


 “Words and tears of joy can only express a small part of the blessings you have given to me.”

-David I.

 “Thank you for the time, energy, wisdom and love that you gave to me. It was so uplifting to learn/feel where you have been with ACIM, and to strengthen my own reassurance that this is the path I need to follow.”


  very inspiring. I’m a big fan of “The Secret” and I’ve studied Course in Miracles since I was 18.”


 “I want to take a moment to thank you for helping me with my spiritual growth. I appreciate your insights and your fine example.”


 “I checked out your web site last night and all I can say is….WOW! Being an Irish girl I’m usually not stuck for words. Your site gave me a boost that I so needed and left me awe-struck and inspired.”


 “I want to thank you again for your wonderful service to the world.”


 “I always feel so happy and positive around you.”


 “Thank you  for your many kindness’ in words and deeds! I am truly thankful  you.”

-Ken F.

 “I treasure this email gift in my in-box each day. I read it, contemplate it and almost always notice the synchronicity of Neville and Ananda’s words to my life.”


 “I have just looked through some of your web site, it is exquisite! Your message of Oneness is written on my heart.”


 “I just so thoroughly enjoy your talks and inspiration.”

-Debbie M.

 Thank you Love for your emails. They are inspiring to persevere on the Spiritual Path.



You have always been a great inspiration to me and I truly admire your dedication to God. Ellie made a comment to me about you that “She is a teacher the Course in Miracles and she lives it. I place you up there with the Dali Lama and Mother Theresa.


 I love everything you share and can’t get enough.


I  Just would like to express my appreciation for your service. It is a deep appreciation as my own soul’s journey through the clouds and into Light is Synchronistically met with the clicks on your webpage- a grace beyond words.I just want to say thank you. You are the singing of my Heart’s inspiration everyone’s Heart- the one Heart. Your purpose is Flawless. Your service, Impeccable. Know that a Heart flows with love from the Infinite Preciseness of your fulfilling the Holy Spirits Perfect Function. Your “Twin souls” poems are not only beautiful but the perfect words I needed to hear at the infinitely perfect moment.

Thank you ~ Scott


Ananda, I would like share my deep appreciation for all your help over these last few months. You have helped me to come out of darkness and an awful place of feeling like I was powerless. Over the years in trying to seek a better relationship with my husband I have went to countless marriage seminars and paid for professional counseling only to get farther and farther into my illusion.

As you responded to a few of my questions on an yahoo list that I subscribed to… I could see that your response was so different than anything I had ever heard. I could see a truth in what you shared. When I talked to you in our first phone session I felt such deliverance in what you shared. I felt this great sense of finally being able to change things I had felt caused a painful experience. You gave me a key out of a very dark place. I can’t express the joy and hope I have now for my future. You have shared a very precious gift that I very much treasure.

Blessings! – Shiva


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